60 Eye-Opening Employee Engagement Statistics You Do Not Want To Miss

60 Eye-Opening Employee Engagement Statistics You Do Not Want To Miss

Employment Engagement goes hand in hand with company performance. However there are not enough high level executives and managers that realize the importance of it and have an action plan. We put together a list of 60 eye-opening employee engagement statistics you need to know.

Kevin Kruse   Employee Engagement Research  Master List of 32 Findings

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50 Instagram Statistics You Don't Want To Miss

50 Shareable Instagram Statistics You Do Not Want To Miss

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks among millennials. Even though we still can’t share clickable links on Instagram, the social network has become one of the top traffic sources for e-commerce brands. Brands are spending millions of dollars to gain more exposure on Instagram. Instagram Influencers became the new celebrities of the internet. It is no longer an option for brands to ignore the popular social network.

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video statistics

86 Shareable Video Marketing Statistics You Do Not Want To Miss

If content is king, video is king of content. Video marketing is quickly expanding and becoming incredible marketing platform. 52 percent of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. At Filemobile, we love  statistics. Our article, 70 Shareable user-generated content statistics you do not want to miss has been one of the most popular posts on the blog. We decided to put together a new list of interesting  marketing statistics that you need to be aware of. Continue reading

10 Signs You Should Invest In UGC

10 Signs You Should Invest In User-Generated Content

“My business is doing well, and I don’t see a reason to invest in user-generated content.”

20 years ago, that line was acceptable. Today it is not. Things have changed.

20 years ago, we didn’t have Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, or Google+.

20 years ago, people didn’t share photos, videos  , and their thoughts online.

20 years ago, most personal thoughts stayed in people’s diaries.

20 years ago, it was a different world.

 Your brand is what people are saying about you. You are the experience people are sharing with their family and friends. Your perfect photoshoot is the photo your customer took on Instagram. Your amazing ad is the one your user created. Your brand reflects through your customers’ user-generated content.

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