Newzulu Expands Global Reach With Proposed Acquisition of Filemobile

ASX Company Announcement | Issue Date: 23 October 2014

Newzulu Limited (ASX: NWZ) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a binding agreement to acquire leading media and brand software platform company Filemobile, Inc. ( The acquisition of Filemobile brings with it a roster of major white-label media clients including USA Today, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, and Hearst TV, iTV, CTV, CBC, The Weather Network and Scientific American as well as global brands such as Underarmour, Cisco, and JC Penney. The senior management of Filemobile will join Newzulu’s global executive team.

Newzulu Executive Chairman Alexander Hartman said of the proposed acquisition: “Newzulu and Filemobile will together form the world’s foremost crowd-sourced media company. With the explosion of rich media, the combination of “always on” 24/7 news cycles and multiple communications distribution platforms, audiences require quality timely content that is constantly updated. The combination of Newzulu’s and Filemobile’s technologies represent an extremely powerful platform that positions Newzulu at the forefront of content delivery for many of the world’s leading media companies and brands.”

“The acquisition of Filemobile is consistent with Newzulu’s growth strategy and further strengthens the the company’s product solutions and global delivery platform. Together, the companies’ online platforms achieve over 50 million unique visitors per month, 200,000 video and photo uploads per month, and will have over 8 million registered users. Following this acquisition, many of the world’s leading media companies and brands including AFP, Canadian Press, The Press Association and AAP, Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today / Gannett, and Hearst TV in the USA, The Weather Network, CTV, CBC, Canadian Geographic in Canada, iTV, London Live Scottish TV, and Swiss TV (RTS) in Europe, Under Armour, Tim Hortons, Cisco, JC Penney, Honda, Farmers Insurance, Lincoln Financial, World Bank,, GAdventures and more, will utilise Newzulu’s global content delivery platforms to drive engagement with their respective audiences.” Continue reading


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