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86 Shareable Video Marketing Statistics You Do Not Want To Miss

If content is king, video is king of content. Video marketing is quickly expanding and becoming incredible marketing platform. 52 percent of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. At Filemobile, we love  statistics. Our article, 70 Shareable user-generated content statistics you do not want to miss has been one of the most popular posts on the blog. We decided to put together a new list of interesting  marketing statistics that you need to be aware of. Continue reading

10 Signs You Should Invest In UGC

10 Signs You Should Invest In User-Generated Content

“My business is doing well, and I don’t see a reason to invest in user-generated content.”

20 years ago, that line was acceptable. Today it is not. Things have changed.

20 years ago, we didn’t have Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, or Google+.

20 years ago, people didn’t share photos, videos  , and their thoughts online.

20 years ago, most personal thoughts stayed in people’s diaries.

20 years ago, it was a different world.

 Your brand is what people are saying about you. You are the experience people are sharing with their family and friends. Your perfect photoshoot is the photo your customer took on Instagram. Your amazing ad is the one your user created. Your brand reflects through your customers’ user-generated content.

Here are a 10 signs you should invest in user-generated content. Continue reading

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Why Media Companies and Corporations Need Workflow Automation

Many corporations and media companies are leveraging multiple platforms to manage rich-media content, such as online video platforms (OVP), content management systems (CMS), media asset management systems (MAM), learning management systems (LMS), automated broadcast servers, and storage systems.

Having all of these systems is a seven-figure investment and a necessity for media companies and major Fortune 1000 companies around the world.

For media companies, there is a pressing challenge to compile all of the content from field journalists in multiple locations and then get that content into multiple downstream systems to use it in their real-time newsroom workflows.

Within corporations, gathering content from different offices around the world can also be a big challenge. Different departments and offices often use varying platforms that don’t sync with one another. Getting dozens of employees trained on different systems requires a lot of overhead cost, and the effort is often futile. Trying to maintain your workflow in these different systems and keeping metadata consistent becomes a large challenge. A lot of work is required to transfer rich-media content from one platform to another without losing important data such as custom metadata.

In the digital world, it is important to have seamless integration between all the varying media platforms.

What Is Workflow Automation?

Media Factory provides an elegant way to capture content from the field using a mobile app or widget on the website, and it allows the content to be uploaded directly to downstream systems, plug-in OVP media management, CMS, and existing storage systems. With a few clicks, you can automate the rich-media workflow to upload directly to downstream broadcasting systems and then propagate that content to television or social network sites such as YouTube or your own website. Media Factory offers one set of tools that can publish, capture, and push to all of your downstream systems.

Why Media Companies and Corporations Need  To Care about Workflow Automation?

1. Provide Seamless Integration

In digital world, a great app is no longer good enough. Almost every corporation and individual is depending on multiple digital platforms in their day-to-day lives. A seamless integration allows us to do more tasks with less work.

2. Save Time

Training staff using many different platforms and keeping up with all of the updates and versions to those platforms can be a hassle. Workflow automation eliminates that extra step. Now brands can focus on using one platform that allows them to connect all of their systems together. Staff can focus on their work and become more productive instead of keeping up with ever-changing platforms.

3. Save Money

Time is money. By saving a large amount of time, companies will save money by automating their rich-media workflow.

4. Reduce Training

With one simple form you are able to get many users out of your platform backend systems. Let your superusers handle the systems while your journalists or employees provide the content. Very little training is required to use workflow automation, and it enables the organization to maintain a level of control over the content.

5. Leverage Real-Time Opportunity

In the digital world, everything moves at a very fast pace. If brands waste time managing their content, they might miss priceless opportunities to leverage real-time marketing. In the chase to report a breaking news story first, every second counts. Breaking news will be old news if you report it late. Workflow automation allows you to smoothly transfer content between platforms with a few clicks, allowing you to leverage real-time opportunities before your competitor does.

With the rise of real-time news and marketing, workflow automation is a must-have in your brand’s digital toolbox.

Learn more about our workflow automation solution.

[FREE EBOOK] The User-Generated Content Blueprint: All You Need to Know to Achieve Your Content Marketing Goals

The User-Generated Content Blueprint: All You Need to Know to Achieve Your Content Marketing Goals

Have you ever wanted to leverage user-generated content to increase brand awareness and generate sales? If you are not doing it, you are missing out on a great opportunity. User-generated content is one of the hottest digital media trends of 2014. Brands want more user-generated content because it is very profitable and effective. It is important for your brand to start gathering user-generated content ahead of your competitors.

To help you with your user-generated content marketing strategy, we’ve put together an ebook that will show you how to leverage user-generated content to increase brand awareness and generate sales.

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Audi sochi ad - When four rings is all you need

6 Reasons Why We Love User-Generated Ads (And You Should, Too!)

The best advertising is not advertising.

In the recent months, user-generated ads have been all over the internet. Many of them get a lot more attention than the official ads from brands. They add new, fresh energy to the advertising industry. User-generated ads are becoming a bigger trend in the advertising industry. Here are 6 reasons why we love user-generated ads, and why you should too. Continue reading